BlueRox Records

BlueRox Records is an independent label located in the free republic of the Achterhoek. We are home to releases by notorious artists like Hartman, DieDra, the BluesBreakers and Big Entice. After a modest start in 2015, we intend to go all out in 2016. Sony beware!

BlueRox Agency

BlueRox Agency represents a number of very talented and highly entertaining artists from all over the globe. You worry about the show, we take care of the rest. On the venue side, we do more than supply the talent. Whatever you need, we will deliver. It's that simple.

BlueRox Productions

BlueRox productions handles any event from budget to evaluation. Video productions, recording productions, stage productions, we have the facilities and we have the know-how. Wether you want to organize a rock festival or you want a professional video presentation of your company, we can help you realize your dream.